Personal References

Daniel Sorribas, Head of Technical Development and Coaching Education, Sanchez-Casal Academy, Autovia de Castelldefels, C-31, Km 191 08820 El Prat (Barcelona),,

Jordan Gray, Head Coach, Thorn Park, Thorn Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 4BS, 07740 584017

Kate Menzies and Finlay Menzies, Director, The Movement Studio, 4 Ashton Lane, Glasgow, G12 8SJ, 0141 586 7199

Vamos Chris! Coach Chris Murphy passed the RPT International Coaching Level 4 award. This is the Spanish coaching qualification and will give Chris a broader perspective of the game which I’m sure all his pupils will benefit from. He went over to the Sanchez Casal Academy in Spain to gain the qualification and was under the tutelage of Emilio Sanchez himself.

Derek Brown, Head Coach, Strathgryffe Tennis Club

Chris builds up a great relationship with his students, young and old. His training techniques are varied. You never get bored...He gives 100% every time and expects the same from you..

George Lamont

Haste he back! Chris has a fantastic enthusiasm for coaching. His style of coaching was fun and encouraging..he was the reason for everyone meeting on a Saturday afternoon...

Jane Thomson

All three of my children have benefited from Chris's coaching over the last few years. Chris's experience, both as a teacher and as a tennis coach, means that he instinctively knows how to pitch his coaching sessions according to the age and ability of his player. Chris has an ability to quickly determine what is working in his player's game and what could be improved upon. He therefore knows exactly what he wants to achieve in his coaching sessions with regard to the player's development. Chris has a genuine love of the game and this, along with his enthusiastic and encouraging approach to coaching means that his coaching sessions are fun!

Clare Wishart

Chris is a born tennis teacher and coach. I played tennis in my younger years and thought it would be a great idea to get back into training and exercise, so what better way than to participate in a sport that I've always enjoyed. He conducts tennis lessons in a friendly, clear and open way and shows me techniques that lead to successful strokes. I also appreciate that he explains why his methods work for you. Every time I meet chris I learn something new and have fun. Highly recommended!!

Michael Fennell

I flirted with the game of tennis when I was younger and although I have had lessons at various stages in my life, it was always about technique, how to play the perfect forehand or backhand. I started taking lessons again recently [just to keep fit] at my local tennis club and have been fortunate to have Chris Murphy as my coach. He has taught me in a very subtle way that tennis is as much about thinking as it is about playing. It is as though I have begun to 'get it'. Chris is a very supportive coach and makes you think in very subtle ways about what you do. He makes you learn without you realising and it is always fun.

Liz Mcdonagh

Chris is friendly, fun and has very subtle but strong and very experienced coaching techniques. Just to say a big thank you from myself and I'm sure I speak on behalf of all the group, how much effort, training and commitment you put in every week to your eager ever growing group of students whatever the weather.

Kate MacDonald

With his great attitude and sense of humour, Chris made the coaching fun and I really looked forward to the coaching sessions, my game has vastly improved.

Steven Bowie

Tokita San
President Green Indoor Tennis